Wednesday, January 11, 2006

2002 -- The charges we have leveled are credible and convincing

The Democratic campaign turned sour recently when Republicans claimed Doyle aid JoAnna Richard campaigned on state time. Although Doyle has denied the claims, the charges are being investigated in Dane and Milwaukee counties.

Republican Party of Wisconsin Chair Rick Graber said Doyle should give a detailed explanation of schedules and phone records that could be seen as misconduct. “The charges we have leveled are credible and convincing,” Graber said. “The fact that Jim Doyle is relying on campaign operatives to pump out a smokescreen of name-calling and spin-control strongly suggests he has no way to defend this conduct.” Graber has also criticized Doyle’s spin on the investigation, as well as his involvement in other caucus probes. “Jim Doyle’s continued involvement in investigating and prosecuting the exact same behavior that those in his office have engaged in is both stunningly hypocritical and a true conflict of interest,” Graber said. “The integrity of the caucus probe is questionable if Doyle is not willing to remove himself from the process and fully own up to the conduct of his top aides.”

In a letter to Doyle, Democratic hopeful Barrett said the investigation into misuse of public funds is a public concern.
“The public must have confidence in any criminal investigation, but this one more than most,” Barrett wrote. Barrett suggested that because of his awareness of Richard’s involvement, Doyle should remove himself from investigation into the case.


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