Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"It's time to put an end to the governor's shady deals. Wisconsin deserves better."

RPW: Doyle Administration Must Come Clean to Voters About Travel Contract Scheme
Contact: Bob Delaporte, (608) 257-4765

(Madison, WI)...The Republican Party of Wisconsin says it will continue to seek the answers that Governor Jim Doyle refuses to give on his administration's involvement in potentially illegally awarding a lucrative state travel contract.

On Thursday, the party made another open records request for documents surrounding a suspicious October 18, 2004 meeting involving Georgia Thompson and then Department of Administration Secretary Mark Marotta to discuss travel contracts. That meeting took place less than a week after Adelman Travel donated $2,500 to the governor's re-election campaign. Thompson is now facing two federal indictments for manipulating the process to favor the governor's donor. The Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Rick Graber says the taxpayers deserve answers.

"Jim Doyle and his administration can't keep their story straight on what happened to the taxpayer's money," Graber said, "We're going to keep digging because the governor isn't being straight with the people of Wisconsin."

WKOW Television in Madison reported on Thursday that another key DOA official, Gina Frank-Reece is claiming she never heard complaints on how the travel contract was awarded despite claims to the contrary from a University of Wisconsin official. That discrepancy comes on the heels of some news stories stating that the governor won't return the tainted money from Adelman Travel or re-bid the contract and others saying he might. Chairman Graber says Governor Doyle must provide answers.

"The governor owes the people of Wisconsin an explanation," Graber said, "He needs to start realizing that he is accountable to the voters and not the special interests."

Since taking office, Governor Doyle's administration has been plagued by pay-to-play accusations and questionable contracts. In addition to the Adelman contract, investigators are scrutinizing the state's approval to sell a nuclear power plant. Executives of the utilities that owned the plant contributed heavily to the Doyle campaign in the months surrounding approval of the sale.

The Doyle administration is also coming under fire for rewarding a political ally with a $500,000 contract for W-2 services, despite not meeting the goals set out in the last contract. Chairman Graber says both of the Republican candidates for governor give taxpayers hope.

"It's time to put an end to the governor's shady deals. Wisconsin deserves better," Graber said, "This November voters have that opportunity when they elect Mark Green or Scott Walker, who will clean up Doyle's mess and give taxpaying citizens a government that works on their behalf, not that of wealthy donors or powerful special interests."


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Blogger Cindi said...

Doyle's administration is beginning to sound a lot like Chicago politics. How do we clean it up?

3:33 PM  

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