Monday, July 10, 2006

Jim Doyle's Deficit -- Lie Exposure #483

The Oshkosh Northwestern
Posted June 16, 2006

Editorial: Doyle's deficit problem

The numbers are out. Wisconsin state government will start planning the 2007-09 budget with a $2.5 billion deficit. The figures came from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, at the request of state Sens. Mike Ellis and Rob Cowles.

Point the finger of blame at the governor. Gov. Jim Doyle "balanced" the existing budget by borrowing money from funds he wasn't supposed to touch or simply not counting some costs.

Bizarre, but true.

An honest approach would have had a budget with a combination of cuts, mergers and reduced spending when writing the 2005-07 budget.

So, Doyle needs to explain why he doesn't want to be serious or he needs to get serious for 2007-09.

The governor with the most powerful veto pen in the nation shouldn't have a deficit problem like the one of Gov. Jim Doyle of Wisconsin.


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