Friday, July 28, 2006

The "know nothing" Doyle Campaign

Common Cause chief goo-goo Jay Heck thinks the Doylies are starting to sound like an old comedy routine.

Like Sergeant Schultz in the old "Hogan's Heroes" television comedy of the 1960's, the Governor Jim Doyle re-election campaign repeatedly says they "know nothing" about any connection between the awarding of lucrative state contracts and the significant campaign contributions to Doyle's re-election from executives in the firms receiving those contracts. Doyle's campaign mouthpieces go even further, on an almost daily basis, sometimes angrily denying any link whatsoever between campaign contributions and state contract awards--as if such a consideration would be inconceivable under any circumstances. Doyle campaign spokespersons Melanie Fonder and Anson Kaye say over and over again that there is absolutely no connection between the hundreds of thousands, even million of dollars in campaign contributions and the state contracts awarded (i.e. Adelman Travel), reversed policy decisions (i.e. sale of the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant), and significant public policy decisions (i.e. signing of gaming contracts in perpetuity for Native-American Tribes).

How naive do they think the citizens of Wisconsin are?


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