Saturday, August 19, 2006

RPW: Asks Public Integrity Unit to Investigate Doyle Administration

RPW: Asks Public Integrity Unit to Investigate Doyle Administration

Contact: Bob Delaporte, (608) 257-4765

(Madison, WI)...The Republican Party of Wisconsin is asking The Department of Justice's Public Integrity Unit to investigate the actions of Jim Doyle's campaign chair, Marc Marotta. This week, a Madison television station revealed that for at least the second time, Doyle's top aide may have given a campaign donor an unfair and illegal edge on a lucrative state contract.

Channel 27 News in Madison reported that Marotta met directly with the head of a firm just before they were awarded a $68.7 million dollar state contract. That company rewarded Marotta's boss, Jim Doyle, with $51,000, at least, in campaign donations. The Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Rick Wiley, says the meeting is in clear violation of Wisconsin law.

"There is a clear pattern of campaign donors getting special access and lucrative state contracts from Doyle," Wiley said, "Sadly this is just the latest in a long line of stories of how Jim Doyle has put Wisconsin up for auction."

This is not the first time that the Doyle administration appears to have a cozier relationship with campaign donors than firms that did not donate. According to information uncovered by the FBI, four phone calls were placed between Adelman Travel and Marotta's office during their bid for a lucrative state travel contract. Omega World Travel was not given the same preferential treatment. The FBI says no similar phone calls were exchanged with Omega World Travel. If Marotta discussed the procurement with Adelman and did not with Omega World Travel, it would likely be a violation of state law.

According to Wisconsin Procurement Law, the state must give fair and equal access during the bidding process:

Adm 10.08(5) Discussion with proposers. Fair and equal discussion may be conducted with all proposers for the purpose of clarification, and with proposers whose proposals are reasonably apt to be awarded the contract for the purpose of negotiating the best offer.
Doyle's administration remains under investigation by federal and state authorities.


Blogger redvest said...

What's going to happen when the RPW finds out that those donors were Phil Prange, Hurtgen and partners of Gateway Ventures? A company Hurtgen's wife, Prange's sister, owns part of according to news reports called Knight Infrastructres was the number one earner of State contracts last year. Not only that but there is other stuff in the wind too. With Hurtgen, possibly cooperating with the feds, it all may just hit the fan.

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