Friday, September 15, 2006

Citizens Allied for Sane Highways: Doyle’s lost his mind

Citizens Allied for Sane Highways: Doyle’s lost his mind

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Sept. 15 – Gov. Jim Doyle’s unfunded proposal to rebuild the Zoo Interchange at the same time the unfunded North-South I-94 reconstruction project is scheduled to be underway is fiscal, planning, and congestion lunacy, Citizens Allied for Sane Highways said Friday.

CASH is a coalition formed to oppose freeway expansion in Milwaukee.

“This is a cheap election year ploy to win Waukesha County votes Doyle is not going to get anyway,” CASH co-chair Robert Trimmier said. “The $27 million to $28 million Doyle says he will propose for Zoo Interchange environmental and engineering studies ought to come from his campaign fund. This is the most expensive campaign commercial on record, and he’s charging it to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.”

Rebuilding North-South I-94 and the Zoo Interchange at the same time is sure to drive up the costs of both projects, since the state will be competing against itself for workers and equipment.

The North-South project may well cost more than $2 billion. The Zoo Interchange project would add at least several hundred million dollars to the price tag.

The simultaneous projects in and around Milwaukee also would create gridlock in the city, discouraging visitors and costing residents time and money while greatly increasing frustration.

“Doyle needs to explain today – before we spend millions and millions on pre-construction studies – how the state is going to pay for this project,” CASH co-chair Gretchen Schuldt said. “The federal government isn’t going to have the money – is Doyle advocating toll roads, higher taxes, or both?”

“Doyle wants to drain the entire Transportation Fund into the Milwaukee area,” Trimmier said. “The message to the rest of the state is: Drop dead.”


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